1004, 2019


April 10th, 2019|Categories: Puppy Tips|

Congratulations on your new family member! Your new puppy comes with a lifetime of joy, love and friendship. But, like any new parent, you’re about to experience a few challenging nights while your puppy gets used to sleeping in its new home. From day one, setting up ground rules for a successful sleep routine is essential. Here are a few tips: 1 Keep your puppy active during the day It’s important to provide mental and physical stimulation for your puppy. Indoors: Play hide and seek, invest in fun toys and chew things to help keep your [...]

1004, 2019


April 10th, 2019|Categories: Dog Behavior|

Ever wondered why dogs love sticking their heads out of car windows? While the human olfactory membrane contains about 5 million olfactory receptors, or ‘scent cells’, a large dog has an olfactory membrane that contains about 225 million receptors. As air moves over the olfactory membrane, odour molecules settle on the receptors. More air equals more smells. So when a dog sticks its head out the window, it’s basically binging on a never-ending buffet of smells! “There’s one thing that’s really become apparent over the last 20 years about a great many species, and not just [...]